My Story

At the time, I felt like everything happened to me overnight. But, knowing what I know now, I can tell you that my health problems started long before I even realized. I was never diagnosed with a rare disease, or any disease for that matter, but I did have debilitating anxiety that flipped my world upside down.

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If you’ve never experienced anxiety before, then you might think that it’s silly and that people should “just get over it”. That’s the way I used to view it until I personally experienced it so badly that I would have multiple heart racing and terrifying panic attacks every day. I was constantly on edge, struck by fear, unable to eat much and almost always feeling sick in some sort of way. At the same time, my inner voice was so negative and kept pulling me into the depths of my anxiety-ridden state. I was completely out of touch with who I was, what I was here to do, and why my body seemed to be failing me. I was completely ashamed of the way I felt, and at some points I never thought I would feel normal again. I knew that something had seriously gone wrong, but what was it? I started going from doctor to doctor to figure out what was going on with me. On top of the immense anxiety I felt, I was constantly light-headed and dizzy, woke up almost every morning feeling nauseous, had the worst stomach aches that would have me doubled over in pain, and had no sense of appetite. I would wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night and would go throughout the day with the sharpest pains in my chest and felt completely fatigued and exhausted all the time. This wasn’t me. Something was seriously out of balance.


I knew I had to be my own advocate for health because no one was listening to me. Maybe they thought I was overreacting or maybe they just simply didn’t know what was wrong. All I knew is that I didn’t always feel this way and I didn’t need any type of medication to make me feel better. I needed to get to the source of the problem. I went through various tests for my thyroid, a scope to see if I had stomach ulcers, allergy panels, heart monitors, you name it. I was sick and tired of leaving the doctors office with no answers and a piece of paper with a prescription written on it. No thanks. At this point, I just wanted a diagnosis of some sort so that I knew what was wrong and a protocol on how I could fix it.

I started researching and reading every book I could get my hands on. I would get sucked in for hours on end. I wanted to know all I could about health and nutrition and I wanted to know that I wasn’t the only person feeling this way. Even though at the time, I definitely thought I was.

I started to learn about nutrition and the impact that whole foods had on the body. I was fascinated by the idea that food was medicine and I realized that the “healthy” diet I thought I was eating, wasn’t in fact healthy at all. Eating low-fat this and sugar-free that wasn’t healthy? Two red bulls a day was really that bad for you? This was news to me. I started to drink fresh veggie and fruit juices, green smoothies, and eat lots of vegetables. I found yoga and meditation and started to feel at peace again. I slowly started to heal myself with whole food nutrition and reducing sugar, gluten, and dairy. I began to make exercise, sleep, and self-care a priority. I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (one of the best decisions I ever made) and decided to finish my degree in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching.

My world was changing and guess what? My anxiety was disappearing. My physical symptoms had lifted and I felt my mood change along with my regained zest for life.  During these few years of learning, experimenting, and incorporating a healthy way of life, I became so in tune with my body and the way foods affected me. The darkest days of my life ended up being the ones I am most grateful for because they showed me how strong I could be when I had to be and they propelled me into what is my true passion; health and nutrition and the ability to help heal others going through the same or similar situations.

I understand the power of a positive mindset, healthy + nutritious food, self-care, good relationships, and spirituality. These things all work in harmony toward a healthier and happier individual. You need to address every piece of the puzzle in order to feel truly healthy and balanced. This is what I was made to do and I’m on a mission to help spread healing, love, and light to anyone I can. I know what it’s like to feel sick and unhealthy, but I also know what it feels like to feel amazing, energized, and full of life. I want to help you do the same. Click here to learn more about my programs. 



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