Am I Vegan? Vegetarian? Paleo?

I get asked often if I eat meat or animal products. I do. But not a lot. My take on this topic is that mostly “plant based” makes me feel my best while giving my body the nutrients it needs. What does plant based mean? Exactly how it sounds. It means that the majority of the foods I eat are plants and everything else is secondary.


About 80-90% of the foods I eat are plant based, but I’ve decided not to put a label on myself because there are those rare occasions when I just really want a burger, ya know? The kind that has bacon and avocado aioli on it? Yeah, I’m a huge fan. Every once in a while I want some buffalo chicken wings. And I know that it isn’t the end of my healthy lifestyle. Because I LOVE this lifestyle. I will always come back to it. And usually when I eat less healthy foods, I eat super clean the next days. Because life is all about balance. It isn’t about creating a stressful or restricted mentality around foods. Food is meant to be enjoyed.


What do I eat? So many different things. I LOVE to cook and I love coming up with new recipes and creations. I juice a combination of fruits and vegetables at least 3-5 times a week and drink a (usually green) smoothie almost every single day. I make lots of big salads and stir fry dishes. My recipes are always gluten free and dairy free because those are both inflammatory foods and not conducive to gut health (which is my jam). One thing I NEVER do is compromise flavor in my healthy recipes. I believe you can have both because healthy eating is not meant to be restrictive or boring. I use lots of spices, GARLIC, and herbs (cilantro is my best friend) in my cooking and I’m a huge fan of homemade clean dressings and sauces. I love experimenting and taking inspiration from other recipes and making them my own. I also love taking a recipe that is less healthy and putting my own healthy spin on it. But, my favorite thing ever is taking “non-believers” and junk food addicts and creating something even they love and enjoy.


I truly believe that eating more plants and less animal products is the best plan for overall health, wellness, and longevity. Plant based foods literally harness energy from the earth and pass that on when you consume them. It’s best to eat a wide array of fruits, vegetables, and nuts/seeds. You know the slogan “taste the rainbow” from Skittles? Yeah, do that just with fruits and vegetables instead of Skittles. Your body will thank you and love you right back, promise. If you are interested in information on plant based lifestyles or want more validity behind the claim to go plant based, here are some documentaries to watch:


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With love always,

xo Ashley