Aloe Vera + Honey Lemonade

Aloe vera is so healing for your digestive tract. I add it to my smoothies (when I can remember to) but other than that, I don’t squeeze it into my diet in other ways. I wanted to think of a creative way to incorporate aloe vera, while masking it’s taste, and came up with this aloe vera and honey lemonade. It’s so simple, so easy, and so fresh. It’s still winter, but this drink is already making me look forward to summer.


Aloe Vera + Honey Lemonade


3.5-4 lemons, juiced

3 cups filtered water

3 tsp manuka honey or other good quality honey (I love beekeepers naturals)

2 tbsp lakanto monkfruit sweetener

1/2 cup aloe vera gel, scooped out from the peel

optional: 2-3 drops ginger essential oil


Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until thoroughly combined. Top with rose petals if you want to be super fancy :) Enjoy! xo