How House Plants Can Boost Your Overall Health and Happiness

If you’re like me, then you LOVE lots of plants in your home. They add so much vibrance and character to your living space and create a zen feel too. One day I would absolutely love to have a patio with a green house attached as well as a big backyard garden, but right now I’m living in an apartment in the city and my lovely house plants will do. There is something about watching them grow and taking care of them that is so satisfying. I used to think that I couldn’t grow anything and that any plant I owned would die, but after starting off with a few low maintenance plants, I realized that I could in fact keep them alive and that I actually loved doing so.


Did you know that house plants can actually make you happier? Nature is known to help reduce anxiety and depression and having plants in your home helps to mimic that. Plants also create happiness and are very rewarding because of the act of nurturing and caring for something and seeing it thrive.  

House plants also purify the air which is especially important if you live in a big city or an apartment building where there is lots of recycled air. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide,so they’re great for freshening the air, but also eliminating toxins.

It is also said that plants help to improve concentration, reduce stress and boosts your mood. Because of this, they are the perfect addition to your home or even your office or workspace.  

Nature makes us feel more connected and grounded, but it can be hard to feel that at times, especially if you live in a big city aka a concrete jungle. I recommend buying a few low maintenance plants like succulents, cacti, or monstera’s. These three are the plants I started with and once I was confident (and obsessed) with being able to take care of them, I branched out from there and started to invest in others that need a little more care.

Currently, I have 12 indoor plants, big and small, that I absolutely love and adore. They brighten up my space, add so much life, and bring so much happiness. There’s so much more to health and wellness than just the food we eat, it’s also about our environment and mindset. I love to include little things in my life that bring true happiness and boost my wellness. I hope you think about including plants in your living space and see just how rewarding they are. Xo

With love,