When to Buy Organic vs. Conventional Produce

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I typically like to buy organic produce when it’s available, but it tends to be more expensive and it’s not always an option for certain items. I typically like to refer to the “Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen” list when it comes to produce. This list explains the produce that is the most contaminated with pesticides (that you should always buy organic to avoid toxins) as well as the produce that is okay to buy conventional because it is low in pesticide residue. This list will change from time to time, so in order to stay on top of it, I refer to the Environmental Working Guide’s website, commonly known as EWG, to get the latest news. You can find more in depth information on the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen here: https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary.php.

Below is a look at the produce I always buy organic vs. the produce I’m okay with buying conventional:

Clean 15- this is the produce that is okay to buy conventional

  1. Avocados

  2. Sweet corn

  3. Pineapple

  4. Frozen sweet peas

  5. Onions

  6. Papaya

  7. Eggplant

  8. Asparagus

  9. Kiwis

  10. Cabbage

  11. Cauliflower

  12. Cantaloupe

  13. Broccoli

  14. Mushrooms

  15. Honey dew melons

Dirty Dozen- this is the produce I always make sure to buy organic

  1. Strawberries

  2. Spinach

  3. Kale

  4. Nectarines

  5. Apples

  6. Grapes

  7. Peaches

  8. Cherries

  9. Pears

  10. Tomatoes

  11. Celery

  12. Potatoes

Of course I like to stick to organic no matter what, but this guide is always helpful if organic isn’t available or if it’s a crazy price difference compared to conventional. Xo

With love,